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Bachelor’s Program

Dept. of Recreation and Leisure Industry Management    

                                                                                                              Admission Handbook

1   The Department of Recreation and Leisure Industry Management (DRLIM) is to develop well-educated citizens that provide healthful leisure and recreation experiences at the region, national, and international levels in order to improve quality of life, provide leadership and service to communities, and contribute to the advancement of the profession. DRLIM is concerned with the many aspects of human movement and its application to sport management, leisure and recreational activity, and the quality of life. Within DRLIM students have the opportunity to study in one of several focused areas of sport, leisure, and recreational management. Our degree programs prepare students to compete successfully for careers in the allied leisure and recreational industries, public systems, and sport management positions.
Dept. of Sport Promotion    
2   This teaching unit was established in 1988 and its original name was Department of Physical Education (a two-year program) aimed for continuing the professional education in graduates of junior physical education (PE) college, nurturing higher PE professionals, and promoting national PE development. The educational purposes are focused on the instruction and promotion of sport events, children physical education, and recreational sport. DSP is the first and the only academic department aims at developing sport promotion in Taiwam. Sport is becoming one of the important components of human rights. The graduates of DSP will be educated to become professional staffs with both ideas and actions.
Dept. of Athletic Training and Health    
3   The Department of Athletic Training and Health established in August 1991 is the first of its kind in the nation for development of athletic training and health promotion. To provide physically active individuals with comprehensive health management and safety. The department develops two major programs: one is athletic training, and the other is exercise and health promotion. Curriculum structure based on "Training courses-Professional certification-Industry integration". It is hoped that students who are interested in following areas to join us: athletic training, health and fitness instruction, strength and conditioning, exercise and health promotion for the elderly, and traditional manipulation and massage.
Dept. of Adapted Physical Education    
3   The concept of adapted physical education is one of the main issues in current education of our national policy. However, adapted physical education for people with disabilities has been neglected, and the learning resources for those disadvantaged students are relatively limited. Consequently the first department of Adapted Physical Education in our nation was established in 2002 to meet the needs. Forty-five students are admitted to the Department every academic year.
Dept. of Sports Training Science-Athletics    
5   Department of Sports Training Science-Athletics recruits students from five specific fields , Track and Field , Archery, Weightlifting, Gymnastic and Swimming. The primary goal is to train more elite athletes to compete for the medals in the Olympic Games and the Asian Games.
Dept. of Sports Training Science-Balls