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1. Where is NTSU and how do I get there?

National Taiwan Sport University is located in Guishan District, Taoyuan City. For directions on how to get to NTSU, please go to visitor information page.


2. Who serves as the first point of contact?

Please contact coordinators at the Center for International Affairs:

Mr. Tsan-Huang Lin: hayasi@ntsu.edu.tw

Ms. Arielle Pi-fen Hsu: ariellehsu@ntsu.edu.tw

3.How many semesters are there per academic year?

There are two semesters per academic year. The fall semester usually begins in mid-September and lasts till mid-January; the spring semester usually begins in mid-February and lasts till mid-June. The winter vacation generally starts from mid-January to mid-February while the summer vacation starts from mid-June to mid-September.

4. How do I apply for academic degree program?

Students who wish to apply for academic degree program should go to the Office of Academic Affairs website and download the application form online. For more information on required documents or application procedures, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 886-3-3283201 ext. 1532. 

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5. How do I apply for exchange student program?

Students who wish to apply for exchange student program should contact their home university first and go to Centre for International Affairs website, click on "Incoming Exchange Students">"Exchange Student Program" and download the application form.

6. Are there any scholarships available to international students?

There are two scholarships: Taiwan scholarship and NTSU international graduate students scholarship. Rules and application details are available at




7. What is the average living expenses per month in Taoyuan City?

Living expenses excluding tuition and housing are approximately NT$8,000; however, the costs may vary according to personal behavior. Compared to other cities in Asia, the living expenses here in Taoyuan City is very reasonable and affordable.

8. Do I have to get insurance if I only stay in Taiwan for less than six months?

For exchange students who plan to stay in Taiwan for less than six months, they are not covered by National Health Insurance and are responsible for their own insurance. Thus, students are strongly encouraged to get insurance in their home country or after they arrive in Taiwan. The Centre for International Affairs staff will assist students on student accident/ medical insurance.

9. How do I apply for my national health insurance and how much is it per month?

According to National Health Insurance Administration, foreign students can apply to enroll in the program through their schools after a continuous residence within Taiwan for six months. The monthly cost for NHI is NT$826 and students should pay to the staff at the Centre for International Affairs. For more information on policies and regulations of NHI, please go to http://www.nhi.gov.tw/English

10. Can I work part time while studying?

Foreign students who want to work in Taiwan must apply for a work permit. Please visit the Ministry of Education website http://english.moe.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=622&ctNode=3008&mp=1 for more details.

11. Are there any Chinese language courses at NTSU?

The Centre for International Affairs offers free Chinese courses every Thursday and Friday starting in fall semester 2013. Please contact Tsan-Huang Lin ext. 1232 if interested.

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