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Scholarship & Assistantship

  1. Taiwan Scholarship:

International students may apply for the Taiwan Scholarship offered by Taiwan government. Applicants must apply at their resident countries prior to coming to Taiwan.

Scholarships For more information, please visit http://english.moe.gov.tw/ .

  1. International Graduate Student Assistantship at National Taiwan Sport University

Website : https://students.ntsu.edu.tw/p/412-1003-116.php?Lang=zh-tw

  1. Amount and duration of the Assistantship:

Once the Graduate Assistantship Committee granted the applications, international graduate students will be awarded 100 % or 50 % tuition waiver. Full-stipend graduate assistantships: NT$ 8,000 per month; half-stipend graduate assistantship: NT$ 4,000 per month. For the fall semester, the assistantship will be granted from October to March; for the spring semester, the assistantship will be granted from April to September. The stipend is provided from the month of registration to the month of graduation. Suspended students will receive the stipend until the month of suspension. The stipend will be provided to Master students for up to two years and to Ph.D. students for up to three years. The Committee may extend the period after evaluation if necessary.

  1. How to apply:

Applicants should submit the application materials to Office of Student Affairs by September 20th for the fall semester and March 10th for the spring semester every year.

  • Application materials:
  1. Application for Graduate Assistantship (see Attachment 6)
  2. Official transcripts of full semesters from undergraduate and graduate programs
  3. Dissertation/thesis proposal (only applicable to those engaged in master thesis or doctoral dissertation without grade scores of the previous semester)
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